So many papers!

I have no idea if anyone is actually reading this. Give me a sign! But in case you are I am very sorry for the lack of posts. Life has been unbelievably hectic the past couple of weeks. I am trying to get paperwork in order because I am applying for a studying visa.  I have an appointment at the Italian Consulate soon and there is so much I have to do before then. I’m kind of overwhelmed…

Luckily it will all be over shortly and I can rest assured that in 2 short months I will be in Italy.  Scary and exciting.  I probably won’t be back here in the next couple of days but I will try my best to get things rolling.



About abade79

Hey! My name is Emma Abad.. I am a Junior attending Rowan University and this semester I am living in the cultural amazement that is Florence, Italy. Check out what I am up to!
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3 Responses to So many papers!

  1. dad says:

    I am a waitng the future exploits of the Great Emzini. Let the adventure begin.

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