I’ve made it!

Actually I made it safe and sound about three days ago.. But with the jet lag and orientation and getting to know my amazing roommates!!! It has been a struggle to get this post up. Pictures will be up shortly. But briefly since it is almost five in the morning and I am still up…
I have a fantastic apartment that has a balcony overlooking the Duomo.. My roommates are the sweetest girls and I cant wait to explore with them..
I have met some other incredible Saci kids whom I know will share a lot of good times with..
Classes start on Monday, I am kind of nervous but extremely excited and I changed around my schedule to add Early Renaissance Art and now I have Fridays off.. :) I had to drop Batik (painting on silk) but that is alright because I am not much of a painter anyway.
Well so long for now I would like to try and sleep if I can :/

About abade79

Hey! My name is Emma Abad.. I am a Junior attending Rowan University and this semester I am living in the cultural amazement that is Florence, Italy. Check out what I am up to!
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  1. Christine says:

    I can’t wait to see where you’re living!!

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