On Saturday my Early Renaissance class as well as kids who just wanted to go, traveled three hours to a fairly small town close to the coast called Ravenna. It was a pretty decent trip.
My new friends and I actually made it more fun for ourselves (we are laughing a little bit too much)
But there was quite a lot to see. We saw the San Vitale Cathedral and a lot of others. The problem with this trip is, is that my professor Helen spoke literally the entire time without any pauses. I mean it is kind of amazing the amount of information she retains, but for me I like to explore on my own and just observe for a little bit. The extend of the trip Helen is in your ear (we had walkie talkies) and she babbles on and on sometimes about unimportant facts and we really have no time to look around on our own. I guess it is going to take some time to get used to.. But hopefully she cools off a little bit and gets tired later in the semester and doesn’t talk so much.. Anyway here’s some pics. Next weekend I’m off to Pisa and Lucca

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Hey! My name is Emma Abad.. I am a Junior attending Rowan University and this semester I am living in the cultural amazement that is Florence, Italy. Check out what I am up to!
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3 Responses to Ravenna

  1. Sara says:

    one week of helen survived!

  2. dad says:

    I’m lovn the blog! It makes it worthwhile coming to work and turning on the computer. love ya

  3. Christine says:

    You’re pictures are so fantastic. The cathedrals are all so unique and interesting. I’ve studied a few of them in my art history classes but I’m really enjoying seeing it through your eyes and seeing what you find interesting about them. Love you!!

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