Pisa and Lucca

This past Saturday my Early Renaissance class took a trip to Pisa and Lucca. This is my second trip to Pisa so I wasn’t overwhelmed with everything, but this time I was able to go into the Baptistry as well as the Cathedral so it was all very beautiful. Once again this trip was headed by Helen, my art history professor and once again, she drove us to the ground. At most we had an hour to ourselves in Pisa to get some lunch and walk around… but there is nowhere really to walk around unless you want to get hounded by people asking if you want to buy a watch.. Then we headed to Lucca which I was thrilled about because my sister said it was amazing… from the moment we arrived, around 2:30 to the second we got on the bus around 6 or 7, Helen gave us 15 minutes to ourselves.. If you had to go to the bathroom, then you were screwed because the whole group would have been gone already.. it was very frustrating to not be able to enjoy this trip and walk around as we please… It was still very beautiful and reminded me of a smaller version of Florence. I’m told it is an easy train ride from Florence to Lucca, so maybe it is worthwhile taking a day trip to go back and see it the way I want to.
Anyway my roommates and I have started talking about places we wanted to travel to.. so far we want to take a weekend trip to Paris, spring break in Greece, and of course go to Venice for Carnival. I’m super excited..
Here’s some pictures of Pisa and Lucca ( I had more fun taking pictures of people who were were posing in the different Leaning Tower of Pisa cliches)

my pictures aren’t loading, I will try and add them to another blog soon as soon as I can.

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Hey! My name is Emma Abad.. I am a Junior attending Rowan University and this semester I am living in the cultural amazement that is Florence, Italy. Check out what I am up to!
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4 Responses to Pisa and Lucca

  1. Hedy Abad says:

    you sure that photo of Helen isn’t a photo of Hal? :)

  2. Christine says:

    “Movado? Rolex?”
    Greece for spring break. Can you take me with you?

  3. Barbara Howard says:

    Hey Emma, It looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing. It s great to be able to see what your up to. XOXO

  4. Lissa says:

    Hey Emma! Looks and sounds like you’re having a good time! We will be in France the last week of March! Maybe we could meet up with you in Paris? I promise not to talk in your ear the whole time!

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