Beginning of 2012

Hey all!

We’re all back at Rowan and this semester is already going incredibly fast! I’m not used to blogging so it’s difficult to remember to update. This semester I’m taking CAD (Computer Aided Design) using this awesome software called Rhino. You can design practically ANYTHING virtually in 3-D and have the option of sending your design to a printing company to get it printed. Your design on the computer comes to life….TOO COOL! Hopefully when I start producing some exciting stuff, I can take screen shots to show everyone what it’s like.

Along with that class, I’m taking Ceramics and Jewelry. And things could not be going better in both classes. It had been so long since I took jewelry, so it was nice to dive right back into it. Hopefully with Ceramics I shall be firing more stuff and doing even more experimenting with glazes and forms.

A great opportunity has been presented to me as well as the rest of the Art Department. So here’s the scoop, if you (hopefully) know Adrien Grenier from Entourage or (for girls) the cute boyfriend from The Devil Wears Prada. Well this hunk is coming to Rowan to show his documentary and even better is exhibiting some of his art work and art work of his friends as well. Who knew he was an artist let alone knew anything about art. Along with him coming to Rowan, he is requesting students submit work to be shown with his. Then later on in life you can put on your resume “I have shown my work with Adrien Grenier, you know from Entourage? Yes, we go way back…” Well he probably wont know me but still, its a cool opportunity so I shall be submitting that soon. Exciting things are happening here, nothing but up!

I’m off to study, and happy reading! G’nighttt :)

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Some new ideas I’ve been working on.

Moves like the waves (side)

Moves like the waves (front)

I had this cool idea to make functional pottery but with the appearance that they are “un-functional” you could say. Here’s an example. Gimme some feedback!!! i wanna know if it’s a go or not……See! it appears to be questionable to use but it works just fine. ALSO, another idea I’ve been playing with is using geometric shapes as my palette and adding a textured “gross-like” glazing to counter-balance the clean shapes with the grotesque type glazing.

Fantastically Grotto

I was thinking about using this balance as the theme of me show at High Street Gallery. I should be spending most of my Winter Break on my show and working at school.

Constructive criticism or any feedback is always appreciated! Happy Reading. :)

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Fall Semester is coming to a close….

Hey everyone! It’s been a week and change and I have been soooo busy. We had our annual Winter/Holiday Print and Pottery Sale and boy did I do better than expected. I had put in some of my ceramic work, some beaded earrings I like to make in my spare time and some glass pieces I made when I took a glass blowing class. (Lots of fun, I HIGHLY recommend it!) I happily made a nice chunk of change and will use that towards presents for the fam and friends.

Finals are speeding up and start in a few days and things have been busy, but it’s nice to have the flexibility to work in the studio 24/7 and have a lot of great and hilarious company to share your time with when going through finals. I am very excited for this great semester to come to a close and see how great next semester is going to be.

Some very exciting news!!! My friend Holly and I are having a show sometime towards the end of January/beginning of February in the High Street Gallery in downtown Glassboro. Holly and I will sure be putting in hours and then some over Winter break to get the ball rolling on our show. We are collaborating and discussing so many ideas. I just cant wait! I shall keep you all updated during break and inform you on the great things that will be happening with me and the Art Department next semester. Happy reading! :)

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Some of the things I’ve been making…

Inverted Soldier

Thankfully one day I had free, I was able to make it into the photo studio to take a few pics of my work. Hope ya’ll enjoy them!


Unspouted Pitcher

Blemished surface

Hope to put more up soon. Signing off!

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just what we do in our spare time…

a good friend of mine decided she had this crazy idea to make a horror movie located in Westby Hall called the “Darkroom Killer.” A group of us wacky students got together to collaborate on this idea to attempt to put into motion. We ended up with a black and white film and LOTSSSS of chocolate syrup. one of a series of deaths in the darkroom killer

We took one day off and went wild in Westby. Lots of candids and lots of bloopers. Still have some more filming to do but as of right now its looking really good. We are hoping to have a big premiere in the Black Box at the end of the semester, with an opening, the Full Monty. As we continue on ill shall keep you posted. Signing off!


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a little bit about me…

Assuming you are interested in reading my blog, you might want a bit more information about the person you are reading about! I’m a junior at Rowan University studying Studio Art and will be graduating with a BFA. Along with this major I am minoring in Theatre, Art History, and (time pending) Psychology. Art has been a passion of mine since I was 8 years old. I have studied all types of styles with all different mediums.

All through high school during my free time over summer, I would commute over to Moore College of Art and take advantage of the classes they offered to high school students. I was an eye-opening experience to say the least. Coming from a catholic high school, the range of materials was limited. So experiencing the classes I took at Moore really helped me to develope what I enjoyed to make. After all of this experience, I was prepared to dive into all that Rowan’s Art Dept. had to offer. I had never taken a ceramics class until my sophomore year and i instantly feel in love with the art. Ceramics immediately became my medium and I felt so comfortable with the materials. I am constantly trying to come up with new ideas, new concepts and foriegn materials that I can incorperate to make something really smashing!! Hopefully soon, I can upload picture of my work to show you all what kind of ideas I have. Signing off and thanks for reading!!!

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Trying to get out there.

So I had a total heart-to-heart with some people about what I wanna do and the kind of impact I want to make, especially in the art community. I used to just “do” art because I was comfortable with it and it was a hobby. I had been doing for a while, but for some reason over the last few months I’ve grown to really have a passion for it. I never realized how much potential I have until this semester. Strangely enough, I became aware that I wasn’t doing enough and I wasn’t challenging myself. Things needed to change. I added on a wordload of classes, am starting to get really involved in school and in my work that now I just can’t stop creating. At least I’m trying to get out there…

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Hello world!

Welcome to Rowan University Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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