Guide to Technology Students Have to Have to Survive College (or at Least the Semester!)

Congratulations and welcome to Rowan University! For those of you veteran Rowan students, welcome to a new semester. Like any college or university, Rowan wants each one of its students to work hard and be successful in their studies, but with technology becoming more relied on, its almost a necessity to have the right devices to earn the right grades!

1. Smartphone

A smartphone, such as an iPhone or Android, is a great investment for college students, especially when you’re always on the go! They also nowadays have impressive cameras making picture taking and video recording easier and more convenient! If you are considering recording your professor with a camera or voice recorder make sure to get their permission beforehand! Nothing is worse than having an angry professor with the power to destroy your grade at the tip of their fingers.

2. Laptop

Depending on your professor, you may or may not be allowed to bring a laptop to class (this information will most likely be given to you by the end of the first class). If you are allowed, bring it. If you’re like myself, then you will agree when I say typing is extremely easier than writing by hand. Plus, your notes will be Times New Roman neat instead of illegible chicken scratch! A laptop highly recommended is the MacBook air due to its ability to run both Mac and Windows OS’s!

3. Tablet

Another important device to have handy is a tablet! The iPad 2 is a great portable tablet to carry around campus and download apps to! The great thing about apps is there’s always ones that could potentially assist you in your school work! Some of my favorites are Blackboard Mobile (to keep up to date on your grades), iStudiez (for helping with time management while letting you know deadlines and important dates for your classes!), Study Buddy (to track your distractions in order to better your study habits!), and Amazon Student (cheap textbooks? Yes please!). As an advantage of being a student, Rowan offers a very special treat as well. Citrix (available for both Apple, Windows, and Android products) allows you to access the Rowan cloud giving you the opportunity to use all University programs offered for free on any device the app is downloaded to! Some programs available for use on the app include but are not limited to: Matlab, Adobe software, Microsoft Office, Inspiration, QuarkXpress and Alice. Go to to try out the cloud for yourself!

4. Apple TV

The slogan says it all, “there’s always something good on TV.” With Apple TV you can stream Netflix, videos, and music, from iPhones, iPads, and iPods onto your television! You can also watch live news and sports!


Owning an HDTV can be very rewarding considering it has multiple purposes. As you know, it can obviously be used as a television to watch shows, movies, etc., but were you aware it can also be used as a monitor? With your MacBook Air, or any other laptop, you are able to connect to the HDTV to use it as a spare monitor giving you a larger screen for Netflix viewing, video game display and sharing of lectures or notes of course!

6. Headphones

Don’t underestimate the little things! Headphones are very important and not only for musical purposes! Sure, you can use your headphones to listen to music and Netflix, but they can also be used to listen to recorded lectures or videos for classes!

7. Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi counts as technology, doesn’t it? Well, if it doesn’t, it should because this is the most important thing you will need to be successful here at Rowan! You will need any device that can connect to the internet whether that be your smartphone, laptop, or even your tablet as long as it is able to retrieve your Rowan email! I know, email isn’t the most convenient method of communication these days, but it’s crucial in receiving information regarding special events, clubs and most importantly your classes! Your professors may use emailing as a way of giving out assignments, updating you on certain requirements, and even letting you know whether or not class is canceled…and let’s face it, no body wants to be the only one to show up to class at 7 a.m. because they didn’t read their email (I mean, you could be sleeping instead!). Being able to access the Rowan Twitter and Facebook accounts are also a good way to keep informed for more interactive and social affairs. Follow the Facebook page ( and the Twitter account (@RowanUniversity) to learn more, ask questions, and enjoy what opportunities they have to offer!  Make sure to look for other Rowan accounts that branch off like The Whit’s Twitter (@TheWhitFeatures) or the Rowan Radio’s Facebook page (!

Once again, congratulations! Hopefully these technology tips will help lead you towards a less stressful, prosperous college career full of useful emails, legible notes, and a collection of aiding apps! Good luck!

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